We have started our business as a wooden handicraft maker since 1976 with less than ten people. And a few years from that point, we have developed ourselves to be a manufacturer in all kind of wooden works particular in rubber wood with more than 50 people. It's not only rubber wood kitchen wares, table wares, kitchen trolleys and etc which we have made but also making products as customers' drawing. Consequently, there is a wide range of our products which can be divided into 2 main categories. They are Housewares (kitchen trolleys) and kitchen wares. Presently, we have more than a thousand items in product list.

Able Housewares Co., Ltd has been a wooden manufacturer for 3 decades and we have interested in overseas market, which aim to expand our business. Therefore, we started to be an exporter in this industry in 1996.

Our factory is located in Bangkok in area more than 35,000 square feet where is not far fromSuvarnabhumi Airport. It takes around an hour from there to us.

To meet our customer needs, we have developed our products and product lines, which all of them has had their own designs and unique aspects. These will help us to gain more several product points of view and also their comments have been valuable things for us. Moreover we have had our own experienced designers to achieving our goal.

Quality control is very essential thing and it is requested for every section of process. We have really concerned about maintaining the customer satisfaction by keeping our statement as follow:

“Finest Quality Rubber wood Kitchen wares and Housewares”.

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85/2 M.3
Sedtakit 1
+66-2810-0690, +66-2429-1555

Hevea brazilliensis (Rubber wood) was very popular wood in Thailand because tons of rubber woods have been used in the wooden furniture industry making all kind of kitchen wares, house wares, and indoor furniture mostly for 20 years.

Farm owners have interested in this wood and they have grown rubber wood in a large scale. Moreover, the government has promoted it by making registration rubber wood as “economy wood” meaning that replanting has been requested for a cutting down.